Thursday, August 28, 2008

Magic Las Vegas

Went to Magic Trade Show to get some meetings and networking out of the way. First off it was super hot...average temperature during the day was 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Magic is known for the parties and this year did not disappoint. I went to a lot of parties, and here are some flicks from them.

Crooks and Castle Party at the Playboy Suite Palms Hotel

Evidence of Dilated Peoples rockin the mic with the Alchemist spinning.

The man, the myth the legend, Hugh Hefner

Look at Pusha T and Brock getting their network on...

Damn flash!!!! Arghh!!!

The mini Playboy pool
The next night went to the New Era Caps party at Mix at the Hotel and Mandalay.

The view from Mix is absolutely stunning!