Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Sad, Sad Day....R.I.P. Seattle Supersonics

I have been a Seattle Supersonics fan for as long as I can remember, I remember the star players like Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Ray Allen and I remember the role players like Frank Brickowski, Russ Schoene, Vincent Askew. I am at a loss for words. I know many think its just a basketball team, but the Sonics were more then just a team to me. I remember watching the highs and the lows, but I always cheered for the Sonics. Now we have these 2 assholes (Yeah you Nickels, Bennett) who take the team away from where it belongs...

Im not gonna vent to much, but this day is a very sad day for all fans of the Seattle Supersonics..