Thursday, April 17, 2008

Glow in the Dark Tour Opening Night, Seattle

I had a chance to meet up with my buddies from NERD and go to the Glow in the Dark Tour with them. First off, I have been lucky to attend many different concerts and by far Kanye West's performance is the best live performance I have ever seen! His set is literally a musical/ movie. The set, the songs, the energy is all incredible!

Kanye is so dedicated to this tour, that he actually spent the night at Key Arena, the night before the show to make sure everything went off without a hitch. His performance was crazy, but it wasn't his full performance. Kanye is still waiting on some creations from Jim Henson Creature Shop. Kanye stated that in Sacramento, tomorrow that his show will be what its suppose to be.

For those who have an opportunity this tour is a MUST SEE!!!!

Check out the sign "Kanye West Women" Kinda cracked me up

I was able to catch Rihanna do her rehearsal before performing later that night. She is quite the hottie!

Then I watched N.E.R.D's Rehearsal. This is the first show of the tour, and we definitely had kinks to work out. In the end all was well!

Finally performance time! Lupe was up first, then N.E.R.D. N.E.R.D set was incredible as always. I have had the luck to see them perform 3 times in the past 2 months. If you have a chance to catch a full performance please do! During the performance Pharrell ended it early due to losing his voice from the smoke machine.

After N.E.R.D came on Rihanna came out and did her thing. She was looking quite nice. No pics, was enjoying the show...

Finally the headline act, Mr. Kanye West aka Kanye to the... Kanye's set was based on a story line of being in a space ship that crash lands on a alien planet. Some background on Kanye's set was created with the help of Daft Punk. If you have been to a Daft Punk show, you could definitely see the influence.

Also before his performance, Kanye came by N.E.R.D.'s dressing room to show off his secret kicks. I am glad to say the shoes are his own signature shoe from Nike called the Nike Air Yeezy. The shoe is absolutely bonkers, it takes influence from the Air Assault, Air Jordan 2 outsole, Air Jordan 3 midsole and Air Force V. On top of that the shoes glow in the dark! Unfortunately no close up pictures were allowed, but even Pharrell was wildin out on the shoes.

Glow in the Dark Tour is a must see event!!!! Luckily I plan on catching the show a couple more times!