Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blue Scholars performing at the Supersonics Game

I had a chance to work with the Seattle Supersonics on booking talent for the MGD Mainstage. I chose to book the Blue Scholars. For those you dont know, they have been the premier hip hop act in Seattle.

The Blue Scholars performed before the start of the game and as well at half time. They rocked the Key Arena with the biggest crowd ever to watch the MGD Mainstage.

Geo doing sound check at the MGD Mainstage at the Key Arena

Sabzi and Geo doing sound check.

Courtside seat view watching the future, Kevin Durant

Legendary coach, Pat Riley doing what he does best!

Dwayne Wade killed the Supersonics tonight!

Geo rocking the house! We had people above us and below us enjoying the music!

Final picture of the crazy guys, Blue Scholars and Matt J. from the Supersonics.